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Nice ROMY AK and Custom SKS w/Scope

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by Davidthepirate, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. Davidthepirate

    Davidthepirate Maple Valley, Wa Member

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    I have a one Romy AK in good condition, OD green tapco side folder stock kit, a couple 30rd mags in mag pouch with original bayonet,and cleaning kit. This rifle is has top quality details including a desirable chrome lined barrel thats threaded with a removable slant type muzzle break
    Good looking gun and a great romanian ak variant and not some wasr cheapo crap
    $600 cash OBO 101_2274.jpg
    I AM LOOKING to trade the AK for: SPringfield XDm 9mm
    HK pistols, 1911s, SIG 552 .22lr version of the sig 556ar, Taurus Judge or Taurus 500sw revolver. Taurus Chrome/gold/pearl pistols, Taurus pt 92/99 chrome, taurus pt 945 , steel taurus semi autos, Taurus oss pro 247, Mac 10 or Mac 11, TEC 9 (DC 9), SIG 522, Ruger 45 or 9mm, Stainless/Nickel 357 DAR, 1911s, Assault pistols, Sigs, FN pistols, 9mm SKORPION
    COONAN, FIVE SEVEN, Desert eagle, berettas, spectre, finnish suomi
    would also be interested in a 22 and pistol combination

    i also have:
    Also have a Norinco SKS in great condition. comes with correst hi rise scope mount, aftermarket pistol gripped montelcarlo style stock with cheekrest. Cleaning rod , bayonet and original wood stock includedThis gun is in AMAZING Condition
    $400 cash OBO
    looking to trade for: 101_2276.jpg
    Taurus semi autos, stainless 357s, glock, sig etc nic semi auto or hi cal double action revolvers, taurus oss pro, ruger 9mm or 45acp, AK22, 22 assault rifle, TEC 22

    i will sell the both of them for $900 OBO

    CALL ME AT 206 909 8082 if you are intersted, if i dont pick up TEXT ME WITh YOUR NAME AND OFFER, AS WELL AS PICTURES
    {Please also shoot me an email to davidthepirate@gmail.com with offer details and pictures if possible
  2. Davidthepirate

    Davidthepirate Maple Valley, Wa Member

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    just remembered to ad:
    AK has cleaning kit (comes in mag pouch)
    SKS has original wood stock and cleaning rod
  3. ARclint

    ARclint olympia,wa. Member

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    email sent.