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...the China-based audio gear dealer who put up 22 posts that I flagged... y'all got 'em all wiped in no time flat. And at midnight, well done-- I guess somebody else is burning the midnight oil :s0114: It was weird, since I'm an audio engineer-geek, I had total cognitive disconnect seeing all those audio gear ads up here... wondering, 'where am I again??' Anyway, well done.
Thank you for your quick response! I enjoy this forum as peaceful respite from the interwebs and it was alarming to see invaders on the home page.


I also appreciate the quick wiping of the spammers.

Many of us use the outdoorstrader site, and it's disgusting to see how many spammers post on that site, every day. Where the heck is Alabamadad, or Faisalabad Alabama, or Islamabad Arkansas, anyway?:huh:

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