Nice fishing boat for my firearms collection :-)

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    My boy is 10 months old, he can't go with me to the shooting range till at least 4 years and 2 months. Since the day I have him, I've been trading/buying a lot of firearms but never have a chance to take them out and play with it :-( I rather spend time with my boy then spend half a day on my day off to be at the range. I will keep couple for personal defense and practice but will get rid of all of them.

    Now for my collection just the rifles and hanguns itself is worth more then 12,000 bucks. This is not including lots of hi-cap magz, holsters, ammos, safes, scopes and lot of extra that I haven't list.

    All I want in return is a nice fishing boat with a trailer that can handle up to 6 people. The boat have to have a cover top, I am too dark for tanning :) I can add some money on my side. Please let me know what you got and we can go from there, dont ask me what I got until you are very serious of trading. You can email me at


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