NIB RCBS Special-5 Reloader Kit

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    I have a brand new RCBS Special-5 Reloading Press Kit that is still in the box, asking $250. I realized a little too late that it won't accept the Piggyback-4 Conversion Kit, which is what I wanted, and so now I have no use for it. I have not used this press yet, I only opened the box to look inside but everything is still there and includes the following:
    - Reloader Special 5 press
    - Case loading block
    - Case lube kit
    - Primer tray
    - Powder funnel
    - 505 powder scale
    - Deburring tool
    - Speer reloading manual

    I can e-mail you photos if you want to show you each part is perfectly new and untouched.

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