NIB RCBS .40S&W/10mm dies

Discussion in 'Ammunition Classifieds' started by PhysicsGuy, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. PhysicsGuy

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    I have a brand new set of RCBS .40 S&W (or 10mm auto) dies that I picked up at bimart when the set of dillons I ordered were backordered, turns out the dillon dies just shipped before I even got around to loading any 10mm, so I don't need the RCBS set.

    I think I paid around $45 at bimart for these (correct me if this price is wrong), I will take a loss and let them go for $40.

    Please note that the RCBS dies dont come with a shellholder.

    And I didn't bother taking pics, but if you really want them, just ask.

    Will trade for 10mm, .45 colt, .454, or .460 components.
  2. rpatton

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    PM sent.
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