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    Looking for a new AR. I will NOT accept a parts gun for the simple fact is that I don't know you are what parts are used. So no offense meant.

    Many people pay to much parts and think the gun is worth the price after they add it all up.

    So to keep it simple I just want a stock AR and must have everything that came with it.

    I keep all boxes, manuals, cases on every gun I own a little anal I guess.

    Stag, Smith, DD, Bushmaster, DPMS and prefer a quad rail but not a deal breaker.

    But must be in new condition with no more than a 100 rounds and thats why my ads read new or like.

    I had a offer from a guy asking retail and only 3000 rounds through it, so please don't be him.

    I am only giving a day or 2 or I will just go buy one but just checking here first.

    So if you have something that might pass let me know as I have cash in hand.

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