NHTSA - They Want Your Apps (at least the Maps)

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    Safety advocates say regulators need to do more.

    This is how the Federal government works. One little issue made into a problem and then solved by creating regulation.

    NHTSA wants to regulate the maps on your phone, and gps unit.

    Why do they need regulation - when they didn't work people went to other providers.
    No -
    Distracted driving -

    really - this is why I always opposed the no cell phone when driving, no text when driving laws.
    But these guys are Federal. And those were local (at least state)
    <x files theme> If they regulate the app, can't they demand the data back to track your every step?

    hmmm, what is that dude doing off a Forest Service road?


    <at the risk to touching on religion> In the beginning, man told God, "It's not my fault, YOU didn't .... " and now we live in this place.
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    type of As with any government program, there are tons of questions and possible abuses. Not to mention the sheer weight of technology that they would need to manage. Will this that mean that the makers need a special model made in the US? And since many apps are developed from open source, does this mean that every app designer needs permission, permitting, and licensing from the US government before releasing it?

    And what about controlling traffic? Admittedly a bit of tin foil hat thinking, but what if the government wanted everyone's app to send them away from or steer them toward a certain location?

    Sounds like some pie in the sky, let's make everything wonderful so there will be unicorns, rainbows, and whirled peas type of thinking.

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