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News you didn't want

He's got quite a following in NYC and out in the tri-state area. In middle America not so much.
Quite correct, but really not much different from the other current crop of Democrat hopefuls. Plus the two most probable candidates ( Biden and Warren) are damaged goods.

The left is already desperate with Trump apoplexy; should this half baked impeachment gambit fail, and the front runners implode, they will grasp onto any thread of hope possible.

Para Proelium



Bad might be turning worse. Might not.
There are two types of gun grabbers. The dangerous ones and the ignorant ones. The dangerous ones are the ones that have a specific vitriol for gun owners - That would be a Bloomberg. He actively campaigns against guns and uses his money to push the agenda. The ignorant ones are many of the other Democrats. They don't like guns but they only push the anti-gun narrative as far as they think it will earn them cred (votes). They just repeat what they've been told and usually don't know the first thing about a gun or what it does. They are both dangerous in their own right but I'm pretty sure Bloomberg would be the worst thing for gun owners.


So Billionaire Bloomberg would make a run in an election where billionaire Tom Steyr is laboring for oxygen, while billionaire Trump floats like a butterfly.....etc....

I'm not convinced.


Dark horse is likely, were being subjected to all these weapons of mass distraction to hide the true intentions!
None of the current assclowns in the democraptic party stand a chance, they are all just posturing to "Gauge: how much the party can/could get away with! The real threat is this douchnozzle Bloominturd, or they roll out Kanckles or Obummer again, nothing is what it appears, this dog and My Little Pony show is exactly that, a side show to distract us from the evil hand reaching up the skirt!
I have to admit, when I saw the thread title, I giggle from my own interpersonal situations that have been made manifest this day. But that is totally off-topic. As to the unsightly sewer-rat that is Bloomberg, and, frankly, the rest of the human garbage running for president, it simply isn't possible for me to care less. Source code, greenbacks, automatic weapons, and getting funky is what preoccupies my mind at the present; not some farce far away. Well wishes, my friends. And remember to laugh as much as you can. :p
They should just forfeit and donate the billions of dollars they will waste to house the homeless.
Sending the fat stacks to help folks needing a lift up rather than blowing it on insanely stupid bullcrap that benefits no one? Wise words, friend, and the correct path forward in this society.

(Oh, and get down, get funky. :p)


Yes please. One more hypocrat democrat should be enough for even the most dedicated large soda drinking socialist to recognize the democrats want to eliminate freedom. As bad as some want to claim it is, even Oregonians in their mid to late 20s are buying $300-400K homes (at least the working ones with solid families), buying cars, take on higher degrees (a lot through private business incentives). Are there any likable democrats willing to run? As many media outlets attempt to show Trump in a negative light, he's still very popular regardless of fake news polls.



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