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    Hello, everyone. I just found the site last night when I was looking for information on a rifle I saw in a magazine. This looks like a great place with a lot of good information. I'm a new firearms owner with only a Sig P2022 in a .40 caliber, and a Savage Mark ii. I picked up the Sig brand new as I wanted to start off with a good quality piece and this lower-level Sig was cheaper brand new than many less quality guns I saw for sale used. I haven't been disappointed at all, and my buddy who has a 226 hasn't noticed much difference in the two with the limited shooting he's done with mine. The Savage was a completely different acquisition...I had an old boat motor that I couldn't sell for squat, and ended up trading it for this .22 rifle that came fitted with a decent Bushnell scope. So far, other than no hi-cap magazines available for it, I haven't been disappointed with it yet. I'm looking forward to learning more from all your experience/stories.

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    welcome to the forum! :thumbup:

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