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    Looking around, new to firearms, looking forward to lots of learning and picking brains. Thanks nwf
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    Welcome! This is a great site for getting acquainted. Also, going to the gun shows will help get you familiar with different firearms, etc. Don't be afraid to ask questions, there are folks with all levels of experience here and most will appreciate your wanting to learn more.
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    Good to see ya looking and wanting to learn about firearms. When I started shooting over fifty years ago my dad and first uncle saw to it safety was first on the list.

    No power on earth can bring back a bullet

    With that said if you would like to start in and spend the least amount of money and get the best result in training yourself to shoot straight and accurate ''my advice would be'' buy the best .22 rim fire you can afford. Next to a good single shot, Bolt actions in general are the most accurate of all actions regardless of the caliber, semi autos are a blast to shoot. Quality rim fire pistols in wheel guns and semiautomatic are just penny's a shot and are capable of shooting as well or better than many center fire rigs.
    As with most guns, Invest in quality, with good long term care value usually goes up. Unless you have similar habits to mine, shoot them a lot, ware them out, in my world this is what they're are for. There are no safe queens around here.
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