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I reside in vancouver wa. Do I need the washington state concealed carry permit to get the utah ccw? Can i skip getting wa ccw and just get the utah permit. How difficult is it to get the out of state oregon ccw permit? What classes to take and with whom? Thanks for any help in this matter.
You need a wa permit to carry if you are a WA resident, and its also the easiest permit to get, no class, just walk in get printed fill out the paperwork and you should see it in a few weeks, mine took 6 days from the day i was fingerprinted.

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<see updated information in post 11>; however, the Utah permit is not valid in OR or WA (if you are a WA resident). I got my OR permit through Mult Co and have renewed it 3 times without any problems.

Good luck and welcome to NWFA.
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Concealed Weapon Reciprocity

Washington concealed pistol licenses will be recognized in the following states, and concealed weapons licenses issued in the listed states will be recognized in Washington State, so long as the handgun is carried in accordance with Washington law.

Arkansas Mississippi Ohio
Florida* Missouri Oklahoma
Louisiana North Carolina Utah
Michigan* North Dakota**

NOTE: Handguns must be carried in accordance with the law of the state you are visiting. Be sure to check the laws of the other state before traveling there with your handgun.

* These states do not recognize non-resident concealed pistol licenses issued by Washington state.

Having cut and paste all that..I thought hmm how can I save a few bucks...Just get the utah permit and now more states recognize my permit 26 I think. If Utah issues permit it will be valid in washington state too.

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RCW 9.41.073
Concealed pistol license &#8212; Reciprocity.

(1)(a) A person licensed to carry a pistol in a state the laws of which recognize and give effect in that state to a concealed pistol license issued under the laws of the state of Washington is authorized to carry a concealed pistol in this state if:

(i) The licensing state does not issue concealed pistol licenses to persons under twenty-one years of age; and

(ii) The licensing state requires mandatory fingerprint-based background checks of criminal and mental health history for all persons who apply for a concealed pistol license.

(b) This section applies to a license holder from another state only while the license holder is not a resident of this state. A license holder from another state must carry the handgun in compliance with the laws of this state.

(2) The attorney general shall periodically publish a list of states the laws of which recognize and give effect in that state to a concealed pistol license issued under the laws of the state of Washington and which meet the requirements of subsection (1)(a)(i) and (ii) of this section.
Thank you for that information i know i need a washington state CCW and an oregon non resident CCW. Kimber I don't own any property over in oregon or a own a business over there... Is it a hassle to get a permit from Multnomah county? i drive over the bridge a lot ....
Check out, it's a good reference for each state's laws and seeing where each state's permits are good for.

Having a 'home state' permit is not a requirement to getting your UT permit;
Unfortunately, this isn't true anymore.

Senate Bill 36 was signed by the Governor on 3/23/11 and Non Residents must meet additional
requirements. This new law becomes effective for first time non resident applicants May 10, 2011 and for
renewal of non resident permits 1/1/2012. Those requirements are: 3
(4) (a) In addition to meeting the other qualifications for the issuance of a concealed firearm permit
under this section, a nonresident applicant who resides in a state that recognizes the validity of the
Utah permit or has reciprocity with Utah's concealed firearm permit law shall:
(i) hold a current concealed firearm or concealed weapon permit issued by the appropriate
permitting authority of the nonresident applicant's state of residency; and
(ii) submit a photocopy or electronic copy of the nonresident applicant's current concealed
firearm or concealed weapon permit referred to in Subsection (4)(a)(i).
(b) A nonresident applicant who knowingly and willfully provides false information to the bureau
under Subsection (4)(a) is prohibited from holding a Utah concealed firearm permit for a period of 10
(c) Subsection (4)(a) applies to all applications for the issuance of a concealed firearm permit that are
received by the bureau after May 10, 2011.
(d) Beginning January 1, 2012, Subsection (4)(a) also applies to an application for renewal of a
concealed firearm permit by a nonresident.

Note: If you are a resident of a state that has reciprocity or honors a Utah Permit/License you must have a
permit from your state of residence to apply after 5/10/11 and renew after 1/1/12. If you are from a state that
doesn't issue permit/licenses to carry or does not honor a Utah Permit/License you can apply or renew as in
the past.


Arms Collectors of SW Washington Gun Show
Battleground Community Center
912 E Main St, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA
DRRC .22 Rimfire Challenge Oct 10
Douglas Ridge Rifle Club
27787 OR-224, Eagle Creek, OR 97022, USA
Oregon State Steel Challenge Championship
Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association
Millican, OR 97701, USA
Miller's Quarry Clean-Up
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Miller Rd, Mt Hood Village, OR 97067, USA
Free Firearms Safety Course (I-1639 Compliant)
Virtual Webinar (Zoom)
Seattle, WA, USA


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