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  2. cpy911

    cpy911 Active Member

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    I have been there a couple of times. Its a very convenient place to go shooting pistols.

    They have a very nice facility, and it is not usually too crowded.

    They have fairly strict range rules, like no more than 5 in a magazine or revolver at a given time. In addition, the range officer will call you on any misgivings and quickly correct you. I was definitely not prepared the first time, as I was helped, corrected, instructed a little more than what I perceived as desirable. Probably the most at any range I have been to. However, its their range, their rules and if I was there, I was going to live by them strictly. For instance, I was corrected when I laid my revolver down and did not have a .22 box to hold the cylinder open. There were just too many of these little things that made me feel overwhelmed, so shooting was not too fun that night. The second time was better, as I knew what to expect and could navigate through the rules better.

    If you are not well known, they will stop action and move the range line up to about 3 yards and make you demonstrate shooting ability before moving you back and joining the rest of the crowd. This was kind of intimidating. But lots of holes in the black demonstrated competency. If you are a brand new shooter, you may want to get range time somewhere else, as this scenario would be very intimidating.

    All in all, its a good place. I am just writing so people know that it can be perceived as strict, and you just need to adapt to the rules. I think I can have a good time there with the right mind set.

    I would rate it very good if you can live by the rules and not get frustrated or make a fuss. It is a good place.

  3. SquackDaddy

    SquackDaddy Member

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    Marion County
    I had pretty much the same experience at Newberg Rifle and Pistol Club. After a few visits, I felt very comfortable there. I joined, and was there every week for several months, then just kind of got tired of such a small place with such limited hours and decided to look elsewhere.
  4. s_ribs

    s_ribs Member

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    Tigard, OR
    Thanks for the reviews! I just found this place and realized it's close to my new residence. Look forward to checking them out soon since they are fairly close by now.

    Edit: Do you know if you have to pay the membership to use the facilities? $20 is cheap, but I would like to try it out once or twice first to see if I enjoy the place.
  5. rds801

    rds801 Member

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    You can go as a guest but I think they want you to join. Not expensive but I shoot pistols and they only have pistols on Thursday evenings and sometimes I can't make it. I wish there were other hours/days to shoot. But I think it's a nice place to shoot.
  6. Trahma Hownd

    Trahma Hownd Member

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    Dundee, Or
    A nice, small range with great people. The only negative factor is the lack of hours.