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    I liked it so here it is

    "First, understand the term zombie. It is NOT the Hollywood concept that preppers are thinking about. The term is clearly defined in the article: WND - (I don't kow anything about this link and it did not go directly to the article)

    Just a few things from the article ...

    Let me start by listing some well-known zombie characteristics:

    - Zombies have a one track mind and only think about one thing: Consumption.
    - Zombies only take what they want (typically brains). They are not productive members of society.
    - Zombies gather in large hordes that roam the streets, terrorizing hardworking citizens.
    - The zombie virus is highly contagious. Once exposed, it is very difficult (if not impossible) to be cured.
    - Zombies have an insatiable appetite and will stop at nothing to feed their cravings.
    - Once a zombie outbreak occurs, it is incredibly difficult to regain order and normalcy.
    - Zombies don’t make a lot of sense when they speak. They have a severe lack of communication skills.

    Introducing: The American zombie virus

    Make no mistake about it, there is a “zombie-esque” way of life spreading like wildfire throughout this country. And, unlike make-believe TV zombies, this mentality has devastating consequences on America’s survival and the future of life as we know it.

    This “take only and give nothing back” lifestyle is fueled by a never-ending supply of free (to them, not to you) government goodies and perpetuated by spineless politicians who don’t have the guts to stand up for productive members (tax payers) of society and immunize this country-killing infection before it’s too late.

    To make the problem worse, the American zombie virus is passed to children. Entire generations of new Americans are being raised to suckle from the ever-generous government teat (welfare and hand-outs). Meanwhile, our self-seeking government officials work hard to ensure that the flow of milk and honey doesn’t run dry by taking excess from those who are already giving more than their fair share.

    No, we're not going to die at the hands of a nuke blast nor to be rounded up by black choppers via some surveillance big bro system, but the nation will be consumed from the inside and outside by those who do no pay into our system and only take, take, take. Those takers are the ZOMBIES.

    With our FREEDOMS being reduced to nearly nothing, the ZOMBIES will have more control and say over those who pay. The zombie hoard will get ugly when the freebies start running out. Then they will turn from the street corners to your home to fix their cravings."
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    Watch: Abortion Supporters Chant ‘Hail Satan!’ While Pro-Life Activists Sing ‘Amazing Grace’ Outside Texas Capitol

    Jul. 2, 2013 11:44pm Jason Howerton Share

    The abortion battle in Texas was still raging Tuesday as both abortion supporters and pro-life activists flooded the State Capitol to make their voices heard. The Texas House and Senate reconvened briefly for a special session called by Gov. Rick Perry.
    One of the more bizarre tactics used by pro-abortion activists involved chanting “Hail Satan!” to harass a pro-life crowd as they sang “Amazing Grace.”
    Texas blogger Adam Cahm was able to capture the “Hail Satan” chant on video. Watch it here:

    “It’s been a very interesting day at the Texas State Capitol. Cahnman’s Musings hasn’t been following the hearing. Instead, we’ve been participating in the surrounding events,” he writes. “LetTexasSpeak has been doing a live broadcast from the rotunda where women have been sharing their abortion related testimonies. The pro-abortion crowd has responded with repeated chants of ‘hail Satan.’ It’s taken us all day to get a video recording…”
    Obviously, it is much more likely that the abortion supporters were chanting “Hail Satan!” to mock pro-lifers rather than actually hailing Lucifer, but anything is possible.
    And there was plenty of discussion about “Hail Satan” on Twitter. Twitchy has the details.
    The pro-abortion crowd also brought some really interesting signs to the rally

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