(NEW) Woodstove - Vogelzang Boxwood Heater/Stove EPA OK'd - $150 obo

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    New - Still in the Crate - Never used. Vogelzang stoves meet EPA requirements for "exempt" wood/coal burning appliances (stoves). I do have a hand truck and can help load into your vehicle.

    Vogelzang - Quality wood and coal stoves, EPA wood stoves | Vogelzang International

    Cast Iron Boxwood Heater/Stove
    Heat an entire house and cook dinner at the same time! Keeps your energy bill down during chilly winter months - all you need is a sharp axe and a good supply of wood to keep this heater running.

    * Black cast iron stove looks great with any decor
    * Two 6" diameter burners
    * Connects to a 6" minimum diameter chimney flue
    * Some assembly required

    EPA Exempt: Local codes and regulations may prohibit sale, purchase or installation. Specifically prohibited in San Joaquin Valley, San Bernardino, Redding areas of California; Washington State. Other areas may also have specific regulations.
    Energy source: wood
    Air flow: radiant
    Dimensions: 25-3/4'' H x 19'' W x 32" L fully assembled
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