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    Not really a new member however my user name has been changed to better reflect what I am currently active with. My old user name was PosterPerfectPhoto which was a reflection of my freelance photography work. While I still do photography work most of it is for family and friends and the rest has been sidelined as I find myself heavily involved in fighting for what I believe is right. I.E. The constitution as our founders intended. An odd set of circumstances put me in a position to network with people not only locally but nationally that all have the same desire and eventually led to my current status leading a gun rights coalition we started here in Washington. (I lead another national group as well that is more broad) It came about because we (several gun rights groups) have seen a need to unite together in the fight against I-594 to educate the people before they receive their ballots however it is not limited to that single issue. Anyway, because that is more appropriate to what I am currently doing I changed the user name to reflect this.

    Rick Halle - Gun Rights Coalition
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