WTT OR NEW Unicor Interceptor IOTV Military Contract Kevlar Vest

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    Interceptor Base Vest Outer shell, Cod Piece (official nomenclature... giggle) and neck guard. Unicor Interceptor IOTV Military Contract Kevlar Vest - . Size Medium for a 37-41" chest but fits a little large on myself, who usually clocks in at a 42". Contract overrun when the military requested the kidney plates and different drag tags. I bought these from a Security Contractor who's contract never materialized for some reason. These were still in the wrapper when I got them, and I modeled them (quite sexily, I might add) once for my old lady. Rated for frag and small arms, if you intend to not be punctured by projectiles you must supplement with ballistic plates. These cost the Military about a grand, sans plates, if I recall and I have about $350 into it but dont expect that much out, it was a pity purchase 01de7eb7dc431577fdcc4aa13596feb1b16902ad41.jpg . I also have some molle gear for it, including a Condor holster (universal), 2 2 mag pouches and one set of single stack pouches.

    Trade for higher or lower, need to build out a lower for a target upper I am having build. I could use a trigger, wood or prs (magpul adjustable, forget the name) or really, what have you got? I am up for anything interesting. Has to be firearm related and I can add swag, such as new c-more red dot (slide ride, 2 moa, click switch), Mauser sporter in 308 (desirable German receiver) or AK stuff (mags drums and etc)


    012240ca225b69d2ad0d4062540060398950400144 - Copy.jpg
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