New UK book - 'A Foxer's Year'

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    Well, I've just been sitting down and having a browse through this truly excellent book. The supertitle - 'Tips, Techniques, Fieldcraft' - says it all.

    An excellent read for anybody who is either in pursuit of Rénard, or is contemplating it, it contains within its 192 pages everything you'll ever need to know. IMO, much of ithe information contained within it will cross international boundaries and find a use in other places where predation and those animals that carry it out are a problem.

    It will also serve to show the uninformed out there, no matter where they are, that country shooting, for conservancy and preservation as well as sport, is still an intrinsic, thriving and increasingly necessary part of the British Way of Life.

    Long may it continue to be so.

    For those of you over 'The Great Water', this eye-opening book will be available on the shelves of Cabelas nationwide within the next few days.

    I'm hoping that perhaps Sportsman's Warehouse and Bass-Pro can take it on, too.

    I must stress that I am in no way connected with Dr 'Paddy' Hook, a well-known author of over twenty books here in UK - indeed, our only connection is that we are both called Patrick.


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