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    Hello everyone!

    I currently live in Pennsylvaina, but I'll be moving to the Portland area in November. So I figured I'd get a jump on the firearms community in what will soon be my new home. From what I've read, the gun laws seem very similar (state level) as PA, so that's great for me.

    How are the ranges? Are there many types? Long range (>150m)? My favorite range around here is a community run range on an abandoned strip mine, people can bring whatever they want for targets (old tv's, propane tanks, frying pans, lawn mowers, anything!). And they can shoot whatever they want, everyone is very respectful and responsible and I'm sad that I'll have to leave it behind. Is there anything like that in this area? (Willing to travel a fare distance)

    Are there many gun shows? How are other gun owners? (Friendly and helpful?) How is the non-gun community? I know its a much more liberal area than I'm used to, especially in the city. I have a LTC from PA, would I have to get one from Oregon too?

    Sorry for the long post, and thank you for any answers, tips or advise any of you might have :)

    Thanks, and have a good day.
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    Welcome future Oregonian. You might want to look for a place outside of Portland a bit. Portland and Multnomah County have some restrictive gun laws that other cities do not. There are frequent gun shows here, some good, some bad. There are some ranges around. As I am outside of Portland by about 30 miles I do not know exactly what they have but I have two ranges I go to. The one has a 200 yard maximun and an indoor pistol range.

    The people on this forum are usually very friendly and helpful. You will need to get a concealed carry permit issued by Oregon as it does not recognize any other states licenses.
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    Welcome to the site! If you check out the Outdoor Shooting Areas and Events & Get Togethers sections, you will find a lot of great info about places to shoot here in Oregon. As a rule, we do not like to see TVs, radios, or any type of trash left behind after a shooting session. I always haul out more than I brought in, and I try to frequent places that I know people trash and clean them up a bit. This happens on a much larger scale in the aforementioned sections of this site. I have a couple of 200+ yd spots that I go on the regular, and one 600ish spot for my .50BMG. What part of Oregon are you planning on moving to? That will help determine good places to shoot, since there are many more long distance places in Central / Eastern Oregon than near Portland area. It all depends on where you are going and how far you are willing to go. Again, welcome to the site!
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    Welcome Aboard :s0042:
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    Welcome aboard!!!:s0028:

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