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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by sadstory, Jan 3, 2012.

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    Hi all, I am new to the area, and enjoying the state's less onerous law having just arrived from New York City.

    Really here on the boards looking for ideas of places to get some long distance shooting in 750-1000...

    I am in the Seattle Area, and I know that public lands here are abundant ... been to a few well travelled places off the i-90 corridor, but mostly short range stuff, and sadly most a pretty poor show of careless shooters leaving trash, spent cases etc ...

    Happy to travel, and travel off the beaten path to find some place(s) where I can practive longer range shooting.
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    welcome to the great northwest. i moved here also but i'm from PA. for the record i like it over here alot more.
  3. wombat

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    Welcome to the PNW!

    Much of the Seattle ranges have 100 - 300 yd at best ... you likely going to have to drive to places like Monroe, Kitsap County or Pierce County - out into the bush! Oops, meant forest.

    The WA Dept of FIsh and Wildlife has a listing that you can browse: Shooting Ranges in Washington State | Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

    (Some other Seattle members might find some ranges listed below interesting:)

    I'd recommend to start with contacting Seattle Rifle and Pistol Assoc - Seattle Rifle & Pistol Association.
    They have a 500 yd rifle range and members would know of ranges in the distance you are looking for.

    The Kenmore Gun Range is a nice place - Wildlife Committee of Washington - 300 meters
    Seattle Police Athletic Assoc has a wide variety of ranges; check out the range map! - Seattle Police Athletic Association Home Page
    Interlake Sporting in Kirkland is a 200 yd range - Interlake Sporting Association

    I've not checked out the folks at Cascade Rifle Range:
    They are down by Maple Valley (south) at the end of hwy 516
    425) 413-2687
    26520 292nd Ave Se, Ravensdale, WA98051

    Good luck and if you find a great place - well let us all know!


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