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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by mkwerx, Feb 9, 2012.

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    Stopped by Keith's today in Gresham to browse and maybe buy something. Was very busy (good for Keith) - but I was able to get in over by the used gun counter (my favorite spot in the store). He had some neat guns in there - some out of my price range (like the 4 or 5 PM7's priced close to a grand) some very inexpensive guns (mostly Taurii and other cheap guns, even a Jimanez).

    What caught my eye were the P225's in the case - at least half a dozen. They're trade ins from the Vancouver PD it seems - all of them come with 2 mags, some had night sights, some didn't. They were supposedly issued to officers with small hands who had issues with the P226's that were general issue. Very clean guns, with normal holster wear.

    With the $25 off he's running on all used guns right now, I picked my Sig up for $400. Nice bargain for a Sig :)

    He's also got a case section full of police trade in Glocks - 90% are 22's, with a couple 21's and 17s in the mix. Most have night sights - most are $400 or $425. $50 off all G22's right now - so if you want a .40 Glock - it's not a bad deal.

    Got home and my wife took a closer look at the Sig - and while she didn't outright declare it as hers - she did say she likes the feel of it even better than her Bersa .380 - and likes the fact it's a 9mm Para. I'm guessing after we get to go shoot it I'll be shopping for another one.


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    A P225 is one I should have never let get away. They are sweet guns.

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