Hi there . . . I'm a middle-aged (hate that description) guy who's not only heading into the home stretch of a Biology degree that will hopefully transition me into a new career, but also a dad who just had the last of his kids grow up and move out of the house.

Years ago, when I was a Boy Scout, I learned how to shoot a .22. Later I owned a 9mm handgun when I lived in a rough neighborhood in Los Angeles (no kidding: the kind of place where the roof leaked once because people had shot holes in it), but when I got married and had kids the neighborhood changed and the gun went away.

Haven't owned one since, but now there are no kids, and I'm hoping to have more time on my hands once I'm done with this school semester. I really enjoyed shooting as a Scout; shooting some holes in a few textbooks that deserve it might be good post-graduation therapy! I think I'd enjoy doing some plinking again, and I sure loved the Winchester Repeater one of the Scout masters had.

Anyway, that'll be a couple months out, but I thought I'd drop by and lurk for a while, see what people are shooting these days. Who knows? Maybe there'll be a gun under the tree at Christmas time.
Hi Insanity! (hah, I never thought I'd be happily typing that:s0114:) I've only been on this board a couple of months, and I've learned TONS in that short time. I bet you'll have fun here. Sign me up for textbook blasting!! Part of the fun is soakin' them in water & freezing them first hee hee... plus they'll keep lunch and bevvies cold for the trip out of town. That's a win/win situation!

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