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    With the current militarization of the constabulary and a new army in our midst called home hood security I think it's time for a new phrase: Federal terrorism, to be used when the "law" violates a citizens constitutional rights. Things like illegal search and seizure, arresting of citizens legally carrying openly. Might as well throw in that new term selective enforcement. Because we all know you need an MRAP to defend rural, small town America.

    Brutus out
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    While your idea is good, I think that we should remember that it isn't all Federal, there is a lot of this going on at the local level (for example, the little white boxes in Seattle that captured smart phone data for SPD).

    Although, the pedant in me would point out that this isn't terrorism, but despotism....
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    I tend to think that the municipalities are getting a huge amount of support from the feds. The new cyber toys, drones, MRAPS, and weapon systems have their origins directly from the DARPA birthing center. Don't fool yourself into thinking that PDX, Seattle or any other city can just go online and shop for this kind of hard/software on the open market without the support of DHS and the federal government.
    The psyops, defined as - Psychological operations (PSYOP) or, officially since 2010, Military Information Support Operations (MISO)[1] are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.....have begun.
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    IF and I say IF they are planning some kind of ML event they may start off in the lead, but if they think that they could sustain it without turning the military against the people, they would fall of the cliff very quickly. I doubt the military would go along with turning against the citizens for more than a brief moment. Then they would go after the Originators of the plan.
    And without the military they could not bring in other forces, as that would turn the military against them full force.
    The changing of the guard as Obum has done would never be enough. Too bad he doesn't see that, but dumb is dumb.
    I truly hope there is a way to take care of all this in the elections, but first they have to be brought back to honest elections.
    If it can't, I guess there will be little option but to go into another mode.

    I still think it will be a monetary collapse that will usher this all in. I think they have this well planned.

    There is NO logical reason the administration would bury the country in debt to this level and still continue digging, nor that he is being allowed to.
    That puts out an odor worse than the modern dairy.

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