new tapco ak mags 7.62x39mm

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    i have 5 new tapco mags for an ak. 7.62x39 mm 30 round. looking to sale or trade. 30$ each which i think is fair and not that inflated considering todays market. i don't care what they sold on the net for a year ago. they sell for 20$-30 $ each new in a store and im asking 30$ each. don't like it don't buy. i will not ship you will come to me in hillsboro. i heard the last few gun shows were over 50$ a piece and that is a rip.

    or a shot gun
    a pistol ( must function for you jenning's lovers )
    a rifle
    reloading powder re 15 re 19 re 17 varget. willing to go 2 mags per pound ! thats super good and fair in todays market on both ends. imr or hodgens for 243 6mm and the sorts.

    willing to make a deal with some one. pictures all look the same. can add a little cash if you are reasonable if you want super inflated prices then i will match mine. also looking for a good ak in the 3-500$ range. you know before the hype. thanks to all
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