New Sandy Hook Shooting Information?

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by ZigZagZeke, Mar 17, 2013.

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    So the main stream media ability to turn mass murders into household names played a part in all this. Sounds like he chose a soft target as they all do. When will they learn that gun free zones are free kill zones?
  3. Cuthbert Allgood

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    when will the media learn to keep this kind of crap out of the national headlines, making the POS killer famous within a matter of minutes?
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    You have phrased it appropriately: "when will the media learn to keep this kind of crap out of the national headlines..." This should be a voluntary decision by editors who to take responsibility to discipline their reporting and resist the temptation to follow the default rule of media companies, "if it bleeds, it leads."

    As others have observed before, if the politicians and others who regularly make the point that so-called "assault weapons" are used in mass shootings and therefore should be banned used the same logic in regard to the media they would be advocating for "media control" if not an all-out ban on the press.

    Those of us who believe the 2nd Amendment means what it says need to also support the 1st Amendment freedom of the press, even though it grates to know that some in the press will abuse their freedom at our expense. It makes me angry to think of what the irresponsibility and political bias of media are doing to our country, but the alternative is worse - so far.
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    Well's the deal. We can actually learn something from this.

    I wrote about it this afternoon:

    A chilling new perspective on the Sandy Hook attack that launched the current onslaught of gun control legislation from New England to Puget Sound suggests that mass murderer Adam Lanza planned the attack for very long time and picked an elementary school because “he felt it was a point of least resistance, where he could rack up the greatest number of kills.”

    Chilling new Sandy Hook report: ?least resistance, greatest kill numbers? - Seattle gun rights |

    and once you learn how to read this stories, then you begin to learn from them. It's a knack and it takes time, but there is some valuable info contained herein.
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    i don't believe it took him years to put together a large spreadsheet in 9 point font. given the fact he was a nothing, nobody loser without a job, with enough determination and motivation, he could have put that thing together within a month. he may have done it in even less time. it's not like he had anything better to do. the kid was a freakin' loser whose mommy was obviously in denial and/or never bothered kicking adam's *** when it was needed. her denial is what led to her demise. it's sad but true.

    whenever something like this happens, is it necessary to delve into the life of the killer? is it necessary to find out each and every time the loser sneezed, farted, coughed, was seen in public before it happened, who he spoke to, who their friends/acquaintances were, and mostly who manufactured the type of firearms that were used to kill innocent people? is it also necessary to constantly report how many people were killed, injured, and what kind of tacticool gear they were wearing? to any would-be future killer, it's an open challenge to one-up the previous shooter's spree. is it necessary to constantly report on all of that crap? all the media is doing is playing a part in influencing more of this senseless crap. they're turning some anonymous loser into a nationwide celebrity within a matter of a few hours. if it's bad enough, they become international celebrities!

    remember all of those televised pursuits that took place in and around LA during the 90s? i certainly do since i lived in LA county from the late 80's to mid-90's! the main reason the idiots ran was due to the fact they knew they'd be televised on all of the channels. regular scheduled programs were interrupted to broadcast a chase. with each chase, another idiot was being influenced to one-up the previous runners' attempts to avoid apprehension. a few of those chases went through my neighborhood. while the idiot was driving through, they usually had their left arm out the window, fist pumping, and with a thumb up, or something other. they knew they were getting their 5 minutes of fame.

    after the LA area media stopped televising a hefty chunk of the chases, they stopped occurring as often as they used to. they still happen, but not nearly as much. perhaps if the national media started doing the same, things like this wouldn't happen as much. they'll still happen. there's no doubt about it. will it happen more than once a year or more than once every few years? i'd like to say "no".

    when VA tech happened, i was sitting at flying J truck stop in winchester, VA. when the first two people were killed in the dorm, it was reported as a random shooting, and the police were looking for the suspect(s). it was locally reported. i thought nothing of it. i'm sure a hefty chunk of people did, too. 2 hours later, cho killed 30-something people before killing himself. you know what i think really set him off? he was listening to the radio and local media reports and became incredibly pissed off his killings weren't getting the proper attention. he wanted chaos and got it. after his spree, the media turned him into a celebrity and even played his stupid video for all to see. if that doesn't influence more of this nonsense, i don't know what does!

    you know what i have also noticed throughout the years about these types of losers? the vast majority of them are spoiled rotten brats whose parents never bothered kicking their kid's *** when it was warranted. they were babied all their lives, given anything and everything they wanted, and never taught respect for anything or anybody. they weren't taught about consequences for their stupid actions. perhaps if people began to kick their child's *** when it's needed, and perhaps if they wouldn't spoil their hellion rotten, there might be a good chance their hellion doesn't turn into a raging, uncontrollable monster later in life. it's something to think about.
  7. quesodilla

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    The media wants this propaganda, its part of the bigger picture. They use it as a tool for or against whatever platform they want.
  8. Diamondback

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    Guys, as someone who builds huge spreadsheets as part of a research job, it really doesn't take that long--the time-eater is finding the data to put in, and in his case Wikipedia was quite happy to spoon-feed it to him in one convenient little list.
  9. Jamie6.5

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    The part I am curious about, is the injured.
    As far as I can tell, from all the reports I read/saw/heard about, there were no injured survivors.
    Weren't we told the two injured victims died at the hospital?
    Now this:
    So did these two actually survive? I can see how you might die from getting shot in the leg, if the bullet clipped the femoral artery.
    But dying from being hit in the foot?

    Or did they actually survive, and the press were misinformed and the police spokesmen were lying?
    If so, why? Why would the coroner and the cops lie about that?
  10. Capn Jack

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    STILL, a lot of unanswered questions......Too many.:huh:

  11. mancat

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    Sandy Hook is probably the only mass shooting in recent years where there have been absolutely zero eyewitness interviews, survivor interviews, or any evidence at all to suggest that there were actually people there who saw anything happen at all. That's why there are so many conspiracy theories about it - if you scratch beyond the surface, the entire event, the town of Newtown, and the families and employees of the school virtually appear to fall into a black void of information.

    Notice how as soon as the gun control talk started, the media practically dropped the entire event like a hot potato, and never again bothered to do any investigative journalism. Nobody cared to find out who Adam Lanza was, who/where his family is, or to talk to anyone who was actually at Sandy Hook that day.

    Adam Lanza's dad is still alive. His brother is still alive. I guess they don't want to talk to anyone, at all?

    What I'm really surprised by is that nobody in the NE region has tried to go to Sandy Hook and have a look for themselves. The school has been closed and is now a crime scene. Nobody bothers to go there and maybe take a look at what's going on from outside the school, take some photos of the exterior, etc?

    Furthermore, from the Wikipedia entry of the shooting:

    So the investigation of a shooting conducted by a person who is now dead, is classified information?

    Additionally, you cannot get info via PIR, because the state of CT passed emergency legislation to block any requests:

    Things like that are what fuel the flames.

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