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Here's a new device to help keep us from hurting ourselves. It's designed to keep kids from shooting without cycling the weapon. Certainly is a novel approach to the issue.

<broken link removed>

I think training and discipline would be better yet but that's just me.

On a side note, I think you could modify these so you could climb like Stallone and his bolt gun!
I always thought these seemed like a bad idea. Think of how well the safety caps on pill bottles work at preventing kids from getting into them? Not at all. All I see happening is if you need your gun to protect your life and in the heat of the moment you forget you have a safety bullet in the chamber, you are screwed. The only possible use for these I can think of is if you want to have a party and you want to leave your guns out (which is stupid anyway) but don't want a stupid drunk pulling the trigger to see if it is loaded and making a hole in your wall (or worse!). But that is just compounding one terrible idea with another. So I guess there are no legitimate uses for it.

Ok, well I guess there is another use... hide one in one of your friends' magazines at the shooting range and then enjoy the hilarity that ensues.
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