New Road Rules?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by teflon97239, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. teflon97239

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    Is it just me?

    What's the deal with pedestrians and bicyclists lately, just hopping out in front of cars, not even glancing up to see if the motorist will bother to jam on their brakes and literally save them from becoming road-kill?

    Yes, I understand that non-motorists have the right of way on the motorways, as weird as that sounds. It keeps ignorant people alive to pop out more ignorant offspring - like Mr. Pez.

    Honestly? I'm a serial jaywalker and blatant scofflaw on my bicycle too. But I'm also mindful of what's coming down the road at me, and I step it up and clear the lane when I see a car coming, lest someone find me invisible, their brakes fail, or they just decide to hate me for breaking the rules.

    Here's what I'm not getting. When cars have to swerve around these oblivious rocket surgeons, or make a sudden stop at a busy green light, how can they ignore a horn blaring 10 feet away and continue to roll along as if they're alone in a peaceful meadow?

    I would never advocate seeing someone get maimed or killed under a car. But I noticed a crummy old pickup this morning (with no ABS) doing the speed limit. He narrowlyed missed running over a 10 mph bicyclist who cut him off hard near the Hawthorne Bridge. Dude, if that POS truck had accidentally run you over, you'd have deserved it. So you got yelled at? Big deal! Flip that finger at me sometime. I'll track you down, snap it off and leave with it.

    Back to my topic. Did I miss some secret memo about 2 years back that makes people go out of their way to tempt and bait cars (and motorcycles) like this? Drugs/booze? Hopeless economy? iPods? Floaters in the gene pool?

    Help me guys, what is it?
  2. glockguy

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    honestly I seriously think some of those morons are trying to get hit so they can sue you.... the way people are these days it doesn't surprise me what some people would do to get a few bucks in their pocket..
  3. drew

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    I think they're trying to become eligible for a Darwin award.

    I try to look out for cars, especially if I'm jaywalking or something or putting myself at a higher risk than normal. Expecting other people to pay attention can be a recipe for an automobile enema.
  4. Nutty4Guns

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    It is empowering to their egos when they make someone have to yield to them. They likely have very low self esteem and this is just one way for them to stick it to the world for their shortcomings. That's my theory anyway.
  5. MarkAd

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    "What is it."
    Lack of respect for the rules and more importantly lack of respect for fellow human beings. They are part of the "I deserve everything" mentality.
  6. Trlsmn

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    What I like to say about the bicyclist's tempting fate with cars is that there is one set of law that cancels the rest of the laws out, that is the laws of physics.
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  7. darkminstrel

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    As a pedestrian 90% of the time I'll comment on my own actions; If I'm crossing in a crosswalk and the light is in my favour I will stand in front of someone who is taking up my right of way space. I'll just stand in front of your car and motion for you to move back...because I'm an bubblegum and you're not respecting MY aspect of the rules of the road. If it's the same situation and I'm not halfway across and you want to make a right I'll slow down and motion you through...but if you're creeping up on my space and trying to hurry me along by putting the nose of your car dangerously close to my body I'll have to suddenly stop to pick up a penny.

    Cyclists though...they's just crazy!
  8. Redcap

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    Physics > all other laws.
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  9. servingu

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    I get so tired of these bicyclist thinking they own the road (that bike didn’t pay the taxes for the road). Get out of my way and stay out of my lane THEY ARE FOR CARS. Just the other day there was some idiot riding his bike on 117th (40mph)and got in the left turn lane to get on 76th (35mph) he was the 2nd back from the light and by the time he made it through it was red and I was behind this idiot.
  10. MA Duce

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    There are a few that I think just have honest lapses of concentration, I know I do occasionally.......the rest, those who blatantly steer into your path in some bizarre ego game, I see as leaves and twigs waiting to be skimmed off the surface of the gene pool.
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