WTS WA New Remington 870 Police Magnum Shotgun w/ Vang Comp mods

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    I have a new, never-been-fired Remington 870 Police Magnum shotgun that I bought from Vang Comp Systems. It's an incredible weapon and Hans Vang has an international reputation for his modified tactical shotguns including with DEA which uses him exclusively.

    The Vang Comp System (VCS) is a set of modifications to shotgun barrels. The alterations to the barrel consist of lengthening the forcing cone, back-boring the barrel, and adding compensating ports. With the VCS, accuracy significantly improves, felt recoil is dramatically reduced, and muzzle rise diminishes. By lengthening the forcing cone, the pellets have a smooth flow from the chamber to the bore. This prevents the pellets from bunching up in the barrel and reduces the felt recoil. In addition, the pellets do not become as deformed and keep a more consistent shape.

    Features on this Remington 870 Police Magnum include:
    • 18" VCS Barrel with porting **VCS Front and Rear Sights
    • Hogue Black Synthetic Stock
    • VCS Big Dome Safety
    • VCS Stainless Steel Follower
    • VCS 2 Shot Magazine Tube Extension
    • VCS Sling
    • Refinished to a Matte Black Finish
    Retail is $1,575. I'll sell it for $1,295 which includes the original case and shipping to your address in WA state. Looking for a quick sale.
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