New primer limit at BiMart

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by circlepranch, Apr 23, 2014.

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    I stop by BiMart on forth plain Vancouver and ask for two boxes of CCI 400 the limit in the past and was told they just changed it to 5 boxes of 100 primers, now if we could just get some powders there
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  2. John Gault

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    Sportsmans today had primers stocked knee high. I didn't ask today if there was a limit, I just picked up a 1000 pcs of Federal Match Small Pistol and went to counter to see what came in for powder........Not 1 Lb came in today per counter guy...... Guess I'll just make a snap gun like when I was a kid to use all the primers up.

    Bimart in my area has been pretty consistanly under stocked Non Stocked on everything related to reloading. I almost quit looking when I go there. Sandy store doesn't even keep an empty spot where the .22 used to be any more.........
  3. Mikej

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    I don't bother any more with Bi-Mart. Word has it that my closest Bi-Mart gets ammo on Friday, so going in the afternoon will put you in line with (those people), I guess, maybe.
  4. Certaindeaf

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    I'm all for that. I probably wouldn't mind a 100 count sleeve limit as then you might be able to actually walk away with something while you're there getting your motor oil and peanuts and what all else.
  5. Otter

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    Keizer Bi-Mart had all sorts of CCI primers when I was in there last week. Not a lot sitting on the shelf but lots of different kinds...small and large rifle and pistol. Some Winchester primers too. I get the impression they don't like to put all of them on the shelf at one time cause it pisses people off when they are told only 2 when there is 30 sleeves sitting on the shelf. My biggest surprise was the 70 or 80 boxes of 50 count Remington Thunderbolts sitting on the shelf. She offered me two, but I still have a couple bricks so I passed so someone else could have them. Sadly, no powder.

    At Sportsman.....did anyone see Federal small rifle match primers?
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  6. v0lcom13sn0w

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    i cant stand how "those people" cherry pick all the 22lr and reloading supplies every week when my local bimart gets its shipment in and its plain ridiculous how bad of lines there are at sportsmans thursday mornings. all for a box of 50 22lr. people should chill out for a bit and then maybe JUST MAYBE there might be 22 and reloading supplies avail.

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