New PPQ m2 design tweaks?

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by BlackRyder, Jun 18, 2016.

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    Anyone have any insight into the changes Walther made to the latest batch of PPQs?
    Yesterday I picked up a second PPQ m2 navy (9mm), as I love mine so much I figured I needed a backup in case anything untoward happens to it. I've also put upwards of 12,000 rounds (with nary a malfunction, besides those caused by operator error) through it since I got it 6 months ago and thought that if I keep going the way I have been, I would need a new one sometime soon.
    Anyway, upon disassembly I noticed that the safety plunger in the new one has a different finish- it looks silvery compared to the older model, which was I think tenifer coated steel.
    New one is on top

    They changed the shape of the ejection port, too...
    The new one is on the right.

    Also, I found out when I Cleaned it after the first range trip this morning that they changed the barrel rifling too, from standard grooves and lands to polygonal rifling. Which might explain why my accuracy was so much better with the newer model- seriously better. My first string of 10 124 grain Blazers completely punched out the bullseye, leaving a gaping ragged hole exactly in the center of my target. I'm not the best shot and the distance was only 10 yards, but still- I was very, very impressed with myself! (I didn't know yet about the rifling upgrade).
    Other than those changes the new gun is exactly the same as the old one as far as I can tell.
    Anyone know anything about the changes?

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