New original Remington 700 LA BDL right handed walnut stock

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    This is a new stock off of a Remington 700 CDL SF LA BDL Right handed.

    It is a walnut stock and very nice looking walnut stock. Make your older Rem 700 look like new again with this stock.

    Here is a pic of what it looks like:Centerfire Rifle - Model 700 CDL SF - Remington Centerfire Rifles

    Change from a synthetic stock to make your rifle look brand new and increase it's value. I am building a long range rifle so I have not taken it off yet but tomorrow it will be off and a Mcmillian will be going on.

    So if your interested in upgrading your rifle for looks or want to sell and get more money for it this is the cheapest way. Plus I am going to make it a very fair deal.

    Price for stock is $125 yes, that is right and a lot cheaper than replacement stocks of this type. A Boyds stock of this calibar goes for about $350 so this is a steal.

    So again, make your rifle look better for a cheap price. Rip off that cheap synthetic crap and put this on and make your rifle look like a $1000 dollar rig.

    Save while you can.......... This won't last long.

    Any questions just ask.

    Thanks for looking and get ready to buy a very nice but cheap price. Just want to move it.


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    Still have this stock?

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