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    The Prozanski/Hoyle gun grab will soon be voted on in the Oregon Senate. Until the gavel falls, don't stop hammering them. If it should pass there, prepare to hammer the House.

    In spite of all the duplicitous rhetoric from the anti-rights crowd about "reasonable and common sense" gun laws, they have proven themselves to be not only unreasonable, but out and out irrational.

    When Senator Kim Thatcher proposed an alternative that would actually help keep guns out of the hands of criminals, without invading the privacy of legitimate gun owners, it was dismissed with no discussion. So much for "reasonable."

    Representative Bill Post has also proposed an alternative that would protect law abiding gun owners. His bill, HB 3528 protects the privacy of the law abiding and even requires immediate records destruction after a transfer is approved, if a person conducts a voluntary background check. Let's see if the House Democrats who are looking for "reasonable" measures will even discuss this bill.

    House Democrat Leader Val Hoyle, who has hidden her anti-gun agenda in the past, is a sponsor of this attack on your rights. If she does not insist that Post's bill be heard and passed, she will have proven just how dangerous a hypocrite she is.

    We have updated our automailer to reflect the changing complexion of the battle. Please make use of it, and thanks for your tireless activism.
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    Up date.

    SB 941 On the Floor For Debate!

    Senator Baertschiger and the Senate Republicans are working hard to oppose
    SB 941; universal gun registration.

    Please reach out to the following Senators and express your opinion since we don’t know their position on the bill.

    Senator Chuck Riley, 503-986-1715

    Senator Arnie Roblan, 503-986-1705

    Senator Chris Edwards, 503-986-1707

    Senator Lee Beyer, 503-986-1706

    Senator Alan Bates, 503-986-1703

    Senator Mark Haas, 503-986-1714

    Senator Floyd Prozanski, 503-986-1704

    Senator Michael Dembrow, 503-986-1723

    Senator Laurie Monnes-Anderson, 503-986-1725

    Senator Rod Monroe, 503-986-1724

    Senator Elizabeth Steiner-Hayward, 503-986-1717

    Senator Diane Rosenbaum, 503-986-1721

    Senator Ginny Burdick, 503-986-1718

    Senator Sara Gelser, 503-986-1708

    Senator Richard Devlin, 503-986-1719

    Senator Chip Shields, 503-986-1722

    Senate President, Senator Peter Courtney, 503-986-1600

    Thank you for letting your voice be heard.

    From the office of:Senator Herman Baertschiger Jr.Senate District 2

    email: I phone: 503-986-1702
    address: 900 Court St NE, S-403, Salem, OR, 97301
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    The last letter from OFF that we sent out really got some good feedback from the legislators.

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