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    We are a freedom loving family in SouthWest Washington.
    Our interests as they relate to Northwest Firearms are open carry, concealed carry, 2nd amendment rights, preparedness, self-defense, etc.
    Oh, playing ping pong too. :)
    Digging into the Federalist Papers and reading the intent of the founding fathers is interesting and instructive, but we don't need writings from 200+ years ago to know and understand that the inalienable right to defend oneself and one's family should never be legislated away. That is the path to tyranny and slavery.

    There is an aspect of the 2nd amendment that isn't coming back in our lifetimes. That is the part in which the writers of 2A intended for the citizenry to never be outgunned by it's government. Our only real hope in this regard is to continue to remind the law enforcement community and the armed forces that they are here to protect and serve us, not to stand separate.
    The USA is not free as it was intended to be, and cannot even hope for true freedom if the LEC or military continue on the path to militarization (LEC) or control of the civilian population (military.)

    It takes a lot of courage for a good hearted law enforcement fellow to stand up against instances of brutality and corruption in their ranks. It seems to us that the abuse or misuse of a position of authority is THE most heinous crime in all of society.

    We are constructive members of the shooting and gun-owning community.

    Nikki and Michael
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    Welcome from another new member. I encourage you to join some 2A advocacy groups if you haven't already. Personally, I just joined the NRA last week and Oregon Firearms Federation tonight. See here.

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