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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Zepoll, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Zepoll

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    I'm a new member to the community and looking to buy my first pistol. I intend to obtain my concealed carry license in the next couple months and keep my weapon with me most of the time.

    I have a family and we have like to hike, and camp, and fish. Often I go off on my own on day hikes, treks, or to go fishing.

    After a little bit of google/research I think I've narrowed my selection down to something along the lines of a G19. It seems to be a good "all around" that fits my need for overall personal defense. I'd like to find a place that offers rentals and try a few different guns out just to make sure it feels good to me.

    I was excited to find this place. Especially one that appears to be centered around the area that I live in.

    I'm sure I'll be lurking for a while, and then asking questions, and eventually posting pics and stories.

    I know Jim Jacobe, so I guess probably the first thing I should do is contact him and seek out some guidance.

    Any advice, tips, information, etc is always welcome.

    Thanks and hope I can contribute soon.
  2. MarkAd

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    welcome. but be warned. You are about to be deluged with lots of opinions. They are all correct. except for maybe the GLOCK people.:laugh::laugh:
  3. The B

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    you'll rarely meet a g19 owner who regrets his purchase. glock 9mm pistols are an extremely good value, being inexpensive, extremely reliable, extremely durable, and generally far more accurate than their owners. i'd recommend a lightly used gen 3... should be able to find one for right around $400.
  4. CJ1089

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    I would ask if you have fully considered your expected scenarios and decided that the 9mm is what you want.
    If so then good luck, be safe, and have fun.
    OBTW, consider a training class if you are not familiar with pistols.
  5. moose

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    I recommend deck guns, perferably in something larger than a foot in diameter. It takes a couple of cows worth of leather to make a good holster though. ;)
  6. coop44

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    Soooo true, there are a lot of inexpensive, durable,and accurate pistols out there (other than glock). All I would recomend is that you stay away from the really cheap imports, maybe spend a little more and get something you won't be trading off in 6 months. As far as taking a 9mm into the woods camping or fishing, I wouldn't advise it. I prefer a 45acp (thinking about a 10mm), but thats me, go with what you are comfortable with.

    some are not inexpensive but,
    here is my list in order of preference:
    sig sauer
    tanfoglio (EAA)
    homemade zip gun
    pointy stick

    just kidding about the last 6
    (there is no more fun to be had than poking glock owners with a stick):bluelaugh::bluelaugh:

    (edit: I left ruger off the list, don't know how that happened:p)
  7. deadeye

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    Welcome to the site, glad you have decided to take the leap in self defense. I myself would recomend something larger than 9mm for hiking a good choice would be 357mag but you wont find that in a Glock. If you like the Glock and are comfortable with it go with a .40/22, .45/21. I am not a fan of the brand but alot of people do like the feel/fit of the platform.
  8. Zepoll

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    Thanks for the replies everyone. :)

    Like I said... so far my only research has been reading. I plan on shooting a few guns first guns before making a final decision.

    I do plan on taking not only the concealed class, but also to continue on to improve my proficiency in advanced classes. I don't like doing things half @$$'ed.

    For the woods, I'm not really planning on fending off animals. I'm more worried about other people and their dogs. Especially after an incident last year involving my 5 year old son, and some negligent owners pit bull in the river.

    I enjoy the poking. :) Although, I don't really consider myself a "glock" person. At least not until I buy one. I was considering a S&W M&P .40 but worried that it might be too much gun for a first, all-around, gun.

    Again. Thanks for the replies. I welcome them all and appreciate you guys sharing your knowledge.
  9. The B

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    .40 is a great caliber, if. if you have a need for intermediate barrier penetration, if you have an unlimited ammo budget, or if you're an LEO whose department issues a LOT of training ammo.. etc. being a snappier load, it's harder to shoot it fast well, and takes a higher level of training commitment.
  10. Generator


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    As a daily carrying Glock fan.... I don't know that it is the best first gun.
    I carried a Bersa with the safety/decocker so that I two things had to get flipped, the safety, then the trigger, before it fired against my leg. Neither ever budged.
    Nothing ever went wrong, and nothing has ever gone wrong with my Glock (22 - .40 cal) But I don't know that I would have confidently strapped any gun without a visible safety to the inside of my jeans the first time. Its more of a mental thing, Glocks are safe.

    The M&P shouldn't be to much at all unless you have never fired a gun. They are great, a bit on the big side for some, I have one friend who carries an M&P. If you like that style, look at a Springfield XD as well, a few of my friends carry these. Very comfortable to shoot, but again, they don't always rest comfortably in your hands, depending on how big you are.

    Go to a store, local or chain store, where they will let you handle everything. When you hold a gun, you will know that it is the right fit.... I thought I would hate Glocks (the way they looked made me think that they would be uncomfortable) now, I love mine... but thats me.
  11. Asp

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    To the OP:

    This is just my opinion given what you just said.

    1. Fire pistols that appeal to you.
    2. Wear the pistol if possible, prior to purchasing.
    3. Continued. Sit in a car, stand, sit in a chair, lay down, crouch, lightly sprint/walk-fast, rotate, walk up stairs, etc WITH the pistol you are testing. This is really important if you want to consider CCW on an every-day basis or even hiking for that matter (in my opinion)
    4. Find a pistol where ammo is readily available, outside of cost.*

    Pistol issues:
    • What kind of specific needs do you have?
    • Do you want a pistol for self-defense or do you want a pistol for battle (or for X reason)?
    • Are parts, etc easily avaliable for your pistol? And if not, are you going to be searching for a "battle" worthy pistol such as a Mark 23?
    • Do you want a pistol that is easy to maintain (dis-assembly isn't difficult)?
    • Such as a Glock, USP, Makarov, etc
    I personally find the 1911's dis-assembly to be somewhat cumbersome, but that's just me. Compare and find out what works for you​
    Do you want a pistol in X or Y caliber?
    Do you want something you can wear in cold and warm weather?

    Since this is your first pistol and (I) don't know your background, here are some more questions.

    Ethical/moral/etc issues to consider:
    • Why do you want a pistol?
    • Have you fired pistols often, or are familiar with firearms safety?
    • What are your personal reasons for owning a firearm?
    • What kind of mentality do you have towards firearms?
    • Are you ready to own a firearm intellectually, emotionally, and if applicable spiritually?
    • Do you need a gun to feel safe? <- Loaded question, but still worth asking.

    *Outside of cost means: regardless of what it costs, make sure you can at least find ammo. I have a **** of a time finding .357 sig, but no problems whatsoever with finding .22LR, 9mm (Luger), and .45 Auto.

    I don't expect nor feel like you should be required to answer all of these questions publicly or to me specifically, but they (like everyone elses' advice) are here to address your needs and/or wants.

    If I had to select a pistol for you, I can't because I don't know what feels good in your hands or what your income is or is not. If I had to pick at random, I'd say an HK P30 (9mm) or Makarov in 9x18.
  12. Zepoll

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    Good post. Good questions. I don't mind answering some of them.

    I am prior military and have fired a number of weapons. Although it's been 10+ years since then. I've also hunted a few times, and been out shooting with friends, but again... it's been a while.

    I narrowed my search down to a 9mm for a number of reasons involving cost, availability, and ease of use. I agreed with all of what bkb0000 said regarding the .40 S&W as well.

    My reasons for wanting it? Age. Maturity. The realization that I should have gotten one, and become proficient with it long ago. I dispatch for law enforcement so I see on a regular basis what goes on. Will I ever have a need to use it? I don't know, but I can go to the range and fun with friends with it in the mean time. :)

    So is there a range where I can go and rent/try a number of guns? I don't mind driving.
  13. drew

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    Welcome. Not sure if there's anyplace around Salem but the Clackamas PSTC rents them.

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