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    Hello, I joined to keep abreast of firearms issues in Washington and Oregon. My brother lives in Portland and it irks me that there's no CPL reciprocity. I was discharged from the Navy in `78 and haven't owned a firearm until a couple of years ago. I have a couple of .22s: a Phoenix Arms pistol and a Mossberg Plinkster in M16 drag (the "715T" model) and an FSR .38SPL. My son has a Springfield XD 9mm and a 12GA pump; we have a couple of surplus Type 53s on the way, hope to take the best of the two and pimp it out with the ProMag Archangel M-N stock and a Timney trigger. I usually practice at the pistol range at West Coast Armory North in Everett, fine for the handguns and Plinkster...will be taking the 7.62x54R rifles to the Wildlife Committee of WA outdoor range in Kenmore, only a mile from home.

    Does anyone know exactly where the folding bayonet on the Type 53 or M44 M-N fits into WA weapons law? I've looked a lot at the regulations and it doesn't seem to be specifically addressed anywhere. I know that city of Seattle is more strict on knives and I never intend to take it there, just wondering if there's anything to worry about transporting it elsewhere in the state (or into Portland). I'll take it off if needed, but sorta wanted to keep one that's all original (with the possible addition of a scout scope & bipod, anyway). Stuff/HP-22A_zps0fe78015.jpg Stuff/715T_5_zps16370a0c.jpg Stuff/FSR38_1_zps8797bd15.jpg
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    Welcome and ask on the other forums.
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    Glad to see another forum member that goes to west coast armory north.
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    Welcome aboard:thumbup:

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