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    Hello fellow gun brothers and sisters owners ! I am so happy that I have found this site so close to home. All of the other gun forums I belong to are either in the mid-west, south or the east coast.

    I prefer the sub-compact model guns with high power .45ACP. My current gun of choice is my Warthog from Para Ordnance. It is a sub-compact or micro 1911 style model gun. The model number is WHX-1045R.

    Would of you gun buddies know of a good after market 10rd compact magazine for the Warthog ? I am having a difficult time locating some that are not too pricey but will work as good as the orginal mags. The model number is P-10 Compact 10rd .45 ACP magazine.

    I have read and heard stories of gun owners buying after market mags for the guns and finding out that they do not feed properly or jam up a lot. I do not want to find that out when I need to defend my Loved Ones or personal property or home.

    I appreciate the collective knowledge on this website. I feel true gun owners know their weapons and accessories that go with them.

    I look forward to be part of the discussions and learn more about personal gun defense for my Loved Ones and property.

    Peace be with you,

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    welcome to the best site on the west coast.:thumbup:
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    Welcome :)

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