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Hello, my name is Duke.
I'm a wa. Resident and I've been living here for the last 20 years. My interests include shooting repairing, building and modifying (within legal limits) firearms, both old and new. I grew up on a farm outside of Blaine wa. And spent before school duck or deer hunting. I belonged to the Custer gun club where I used to shoot trap/skeet. I later in 1983 joined the us army as a cavalry scout, where I spent the following 2 years with 3/36ad in germany then two years in ft. Hood with 1/5 cav. During those times I also worked as a range instructor and platoon armorer. I had the pleasure of working with and teaching others the finer points of working with all soviet designed personal weapons as well as all u.s. Issue weapons. After my four year term I decided to maintain my military status by
transferring to reserve duty as a reserve drill instructor with the 104th after two years it was time for me to ets. I now work as a mechanical designer for an axle/gear manufacturer here in the NW.
I still like to spend time at the indoor range but never find the opportunity to shoot outdoors anymore. I may ask for assistance from time to time and I will always offer it if asked. I hope that you'll welcome me to your forum.
I didn't mention that I Have also designed flash supressors and muzzle brakes and have done porting, ramping and trigger cleanup on a few rifles and pistols in my home shop. I draft and design in solidworks 3d and would be happy to help out with any interesting (legal) projects. My current favorite shooter is my Glock 19. I'm currently saving up for my next project, a heavy modified saiga12. :)
Thank you for the welcome, I didn't mean to dwell only on my time time in the servive, though they were some of the best years of my life, and i've never worked as exciting and stimulating job as being a Scout, Weapons trainer or Drill Instructor fo the US Army. No thanks needed, I would do it again if had the chance :)
Now I live a simple live in Edmonds with only the local pistol range to occasionally visit, and a rifle range that seems to crowded for my tastes. I miss the days of shooting on the 'back 40' at my home outside of Blaine where I had spent many, many of my childhood and adolescent hours shooting anything that seemed like it would be a challenge for a target ;)

I'm currently finishing designing, modeling and drafting (Solidworks 3d CAD) a slip on muzzle guard for the Saiga 12 that looks like a flash supressor but works to attach a sling and clean up the shortened end of the barrel.

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