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    Google fishing map points to NW Oregon trout locales
    March 21, 2012

    The new Google-based trout fishing map unveiled this week by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife directs anglers to 111 sites where hatchery-produced rainbow trout are released.
    CLACKAMAS, Ore. – The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife today introduced a new Fishing Map to help anglers find trout stocking locations in the department’s Northwest Region.
    The Google-based map is available via the ODFW website and details 111 sites around the Willamette Valley and North Coast areas of Oregon where the department releases more than 1.2 million hatchery-reared rainbow trout. ODFW releases rainbow trout ranging in size from “legals” about eight inches long to “trophies” that can weigh in excess of 10 pounds. The planters are produced by several ODFW trout hatcheries. Trout stocking is one of ODFW’s largest and most popular recreational programs

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