NEW LR-308 20 Round Magazines, Black Phosphate Finish, For SR-25, DPMS, CMMG ARs etc

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    I have Seven of these suckers to sell/trade, possibly up to 10 if the deal was right. I just have too many. These are all new in packages recent production. ProMag makes them, unreal quality. A tank. My favorite for these weapons. Promag warranties these suckers for life and you can tell why its no big deal doing it! Ok, to sell I would want a minimum of $50 a pop. These were very expensive when I bought them, BUT I am also down to trade. PMAGs, Glock 20 15 round mags, 223/556 ammo, maybe a AR 308 or AR15 lower? Shoot me some ideas.
    Stuff I am into:
    HK P7M8 stuff
    Glock 10mm stuff
    AR-15 stuff (like mags, lowers, red dots.)
    AR-10/308 (lowers)
    Ammo: 10mm, 223/556, 40S&W
    Scrap gold & silver

    Cheers guys!


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