WTS WA New Lee Reloading Kit w/ 9mm dies, brass and more!

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    About 3 years ago when ammo was more scarce and expensive I bought everything I needed to start reloading. Fast forward to today and I haven't touched any of it and my interest has waned, as prices and availability have settled some, and I just don't seem to have the time. All of this stuff is brand new and unused (except the brass, obviously). Total value is almost $350 combined (Amazon lowest new item prices), and that's not even counting any shipping or sales taxes you'd probably incur with Amazon. I am looking to unload the whole kit for $275. No trades, other offers, or individual item sales, please. Hoping to find a western Washington buyer, as I prefer not to ship.

    Package includes:

    Lee Precision Challenger Breech Lock Reloading Kit
    Lee 3pc Precision 9mm reloading die set
    Lee 9mm Gauge
    Frankford Arsenal bullet puller
    Frankford Arsenal digital reloading scale
    Frankford Arsenal Quick and EZ Brass tumbler
    ABC's of Reloading 9th Edition
    Lyman Reloading Handbook 49th Edition
    630 rounds of once-fired assorted brand name 9mm brass

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