New Jersey Ammunition Ban

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    From Assembly Committee To Consider Ammo Ban In The Name Of Police Safety

    The New Jersey Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee has proposed legislation (A588) to stop the sale of armor-piercing ammo. This legislation hides the following....."common hunting, target, and self-defense ammunition would be subject to ban, along with BB’s, airgun pellets, and plastic airsoft pellets!"

    If that was not enough, proposed legislation A1013 would make any alteration (already a vague term there) to a firearm would be considered criminal...even putting on fresh night sights!

    Both of these pieces of double-bubble bubblegum legislation will be considered by the committee TODAY! If you know any 2nd Amendment supporters there, get them to read the article and call their Assembly people. (e-mails and phone numbers are in the article).

    I expect jokes about leaving New Jersey. But if people don't fight it there, similar attacks will surely creep across the country.
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    I liked it till it was obviously a Ron Paul commercial. Not that I dislike Ron Paul,just it should be stated in the beginning that it is a political commercial.


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