New Ithaca Gun, Lewis and Niggs, 1902

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  1. hjohnsonjr

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    Actually, I'm not sure about selling this old shotgun. First, does anyone have an idea of where to take it to get an evaluation? This is what Ithaca had to say. "Your New Ithaca Gun was built in 1902". The followed up with a little history of this model.
    If you are interested in this antique, please let me know. If you know the right person to look at it, or who might be interested, again, please let me know.
    If you have a price in mind, I will respond. It has been in the family since new and was brought here from South Carolina by way of Wisconsin.

    New Ithaca Gun.jpg

    New Ithaca Gun 3.jpg

    New Ithaca Gun 2.jpg
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  2. Mark W.

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    PRICE if your going to sell something it NEEDS to have a PRICE.
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    Please review the forum rules.

    Rule- For Sale Ads (a.k.a. WTS) All for sale ads are required to have a price listed. If you don't know what it's worth, list what you'll take for it.

    also 14-9. If you have a question regarding what you should buy, the value of the item, etc. you should post the question in the appropriate section, not within an ad in the classified section.
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