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Discussion in 'Questions, Problems, & Feedback' started by 8ball, Jan 27, 2011.

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    Thanks for the upgrade.

    Some constructive criticism - I dislike the new 'blog style' homepage. I come to NWFA to read and participate in discussions, not to read blog posts that are two weeks old. There are plenty of blogs I go for that style of info that are updated much more quickly than NWFA.

    The earlier style of showing active forum threads worked much better to draw in interest. I bet it is stickier for readers and optimizes for SEO better too.

    I realize I can click on 'Forum' and then 'Todays Posts' but that's two extra clicks, and it's packed with WTS/WTT ads so it's less useful.
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    Thanks for all those suggestions 8ball. You actually touched on 3 things I'm currently working on ;)
  3. I agree with 8ball on his second point specifically. I was much more involved in reading threads as I could see what the current topics were with one quick click.

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