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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by OldGoat03, Sep 17, 2012.

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    Hi I'm new to this forum (just found it) and have been into shooting for years and reloading for just over a year now. I started reloading to ensure access to what was hard to get/expensive ammo. None of my buddies reload so got started by reading and asking a ton of questions on forums like this one which I've learned are invaluable.

    My first press was a Lee Breech lock single stage press to keep it simple and learn the basics loading .45 colt. I've had so much fun reloading that I now load for all my handguns and will probably add rifles as well. It's kind of funny but I have found I enjoy reloading nearly as much as I do shooting.

    After a lot of learning (mistakes) and again much research, I invested in a Lee Classic Cast 4 hole Turret press and really ap[precaite the relative speed and simplicty. It is a breeze to change calibers and primers sizes and now have turrets set up for all my!

    In time I may move to a progressive press some day but hey for now I'm having fun.

    Thanks for the great forum and info!

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    Welcome aboard! Definitely can be fun and the happy glow of the safe full of ammo is pretty nice too!
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    I have been thinking of reloading now for a while. I have gotten a few data books and started to do some basic research. I have considered the rcb single press but am thinking that it might be better to save some more $$ and get the dillon press. Everyone that I have talked to seems to say that I will only regret it once......when i drop the $$. I shoot 9mm and 556. I am also considering a 1911 platform of some kind as well. I am feeling that the big bonus for me is the ability to make heavier loads than what my local store stocks like 147gr for 9mm. 77gr hpbt for 556. etc. It seems to me that its all about the right powder for the particular load and how you want that load to perform.

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