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    Just bought a Taurus PT145 for my CCW, and will be taking the online class this weekend, then the Utah class later. I feel I'm long overdue for this, since I drive all over the PNW for work. I haven't wished I was already armed, knock on wood, but I also don't want to put this off any longer

    I'd be carrying open now, if I have a vault mounted in my truck... soon enough.

    This is why I love OR... they let gun owners be gun owners. Even the limitations for not having a CHL is reasonable, IMO. Granted, I'm sure we'd all like to have the same regulations, AK, WY and others, but ...

    Still need to find a kydex-style holster I can mount in my truck, and find the right shoulder holster for my on-person carry. I have some ideas already, I just wish I had 30-40 bucks I could throw out to try this or that
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