4FCCFF74-0AF8-4039-87AF-2B1CEECDC9D1.jpeg just through in a southern hello out there
Yeah it’s not to bad, yet. Any HAM’s in the area willing to tutor?

I'm in the area. And a HAM. But 2m is where I spend my time. My dad is an HF guy big time. I built his last antenna and even with the lousy conditions he hits Asia and Europe all the time. With a horizontal antenna to boot! :p
Y’all not from round here are yer?

It sure does rain here, but worst you’ll get is an EF-0 tornadee...

Welcome to the finest firearms forum on the interwebs, we’re one great big, happy, dysfunctional family...

And Howdy from another former Georgian (Harris & Muscogee counties)
Welcome to the PNW; On this side of the world the hail is the size of an M&M not a golfball ( vehicle friendly) and no hurricanes....ever. On the flip side we have volcanos and earthquakes, these give you no notice they are coming but who really wants advanced notice of a natural disaster anyway. :)

formerly of Jacksonville NC
currently not far from the grove
Welcome from Hillsboro. I'm a ham but getting out of it. By the time the sun gets back to producing decent skip my radios will be too old and so will I. Besides, the FT8 digital guys have taken over the bands and chased off all of the JT digital people and it just isn't fun any more.

There is a 10 meter group that meets Monday nights at 8 pm on 10.288 (I think that is where it's at, it's been awhile since I've made the net). It's an informal group from the surrounding area here on the West side and parts North and East.

Oh, even when propagation is good in the rest of the country, the PNW is a reversed black hole... we don't suck signals in, we push them away. At least if you are into 6 and 2 meters. Meteor shower isn't too bad except for when it rains or is foggy... and you will find out how much it does that. ;)

Welcome to the PNW and Oregon. And the US has been great long before the pretender coined the phrase.


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