New gun for my wife on Mother's Day...?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by IXFE, May 7, 2013.

  1. IXFE

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    I know, I know... you should never buy a gun for your wife, right? Too personal an item. But listen...

    My wife has been shooting pistol with me several times over the past 6 months. After several years of acting detached, she's really starting to show an interest (like a lot of people lately).

    I started her with a Glock 19, and she handles the 9mm really well. The last few times she's been shooting my Kimber Tactical Entry II (40 oz.) and while admitting that it kicks a little harder than the G19, she handles it well and shoots it accurately.

    Lately she's been dropping a lot of hints that she wants a pistol of her own. She even went shooting w/out me recently and TOOK MY KIMBER! :paranoid:

    So now I'm shopping Kimbers for her. She really wants a "stainless" gun... she likes the bling and thinks the black plastic guns are boring.

    I'm down to two options that are both available locally:

    1. Kimber Stainless Pro Carry II (4" barrel, aluminum frame, 28 oz.) - $1,000 with Night Sites at an independent dealer that I really like and have used before.
    2. Kimber Stainless Pro Carry HD II (4" barrel, steal frame, 35 oz.) - $1,200 with Night Sites at a chain dealer that is known for higher prices.

    I'm very torn. I'd love to save $200. Also, the lighter gun would be better in case we decide to use it for CCW in the future (no immediate plans for that). Also, I think the fact that it's $200 cheaper and a better CCW piece makes it an easier resale in case she doesn't like it.

    But I'm concerned the lighter, aluminum frame in .45 Auto will be tougher for my wife to handle (she's 5'8" 140 lbs.). I've never shot an aluminum frame either so I don't even know myself what to expect, but I have to imagine that shooting a 4" 28 oz. 1911 feels very different than a 5" 40 oz. 1911 . This has me favoring the HD model with steal frame to better absorb the kick.

    Any inputs from you guys & especially the gals (if there are any out there) would be greatly appreciated.

  2. DieselScout

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    I think your big mistake is going with a lighter and smaller gun. If she shoots a G19 and is okay with your full size Kimber, but says the recoil is more, going even lighter and smaller is going to make the problem worse. Frankly if you know she likes your Kimber, why not get her something along the same lines, after all you know she likes it, you know she will shoot it and she's already stealing yours.

    I really wanted to get my wife a gun and almost bought her an LCR. I didn't at the time, stepped back and spent some more time shooting with her. She shot a friends Buckmark and fell in love (with it not him :D). So, when her birthday rolled around I bought her a Buckmark, just like she had been shooting and she loved it!! When it came time to buy her a gun again, we went out and handled as many guns as we could. When it was all said and done, she really like the Beretta PX4 Storm, so that is what she got. I also know she really likes the S&W 4006, so that is on the list too.

    Guns are like shoes, its very hard to pick them out for another person, especially women. I would say go with what you know she likes, what you know she can shoot and you can't go wrong.

    EDIT: My brother's aluminum frame Pro Carry II kicks has a noticeable increase in recoil vs. a full steel frame 1911. My brother has huge hands, is a drummer and a mechanic, so he has tons of hand strength. He still flinches and finds it painful to shoot sometimes.
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    I have two Kimbers, neither one is hard to hold onto, but then a KelTec P-40 with either the .40 or .357 SIG barrel is fine for me too. I'm 66 yrs old, 5-11 and 180 lbs.

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    naturally both are .45's and my defense load is a +P and even they're tame too

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  4. BroncoFan

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    I recently picked up a Kimber Pro Carry II and it is a genuine pleasure to shoot. If she is very comfortable with the g19 I would not hesitate to get the Pro Carry II. If you plan on putting 500 rds and week through it, then no. I'm by no means a "big" guy. Have a Glock 35 in 40 and the PCII kicks less than the Glock.

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    Let her pick...give her a card with pictures of both inside and tell her it is her choice. Maybe not as cool as actually having the package to open but it could avoid a costly mistake.
  6. oknow

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    why not go with the kimber solo?
  7. nwbobber

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    Isn't there a good gun shop open on Sunday? Take her out for a nice lunch, then shopping....
  8. Sgt Nambu

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    Some how let her shoot an alloy framed .45. Range rental, friend's, etc.
  9. biggie24420

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    Make a gun date out of it and take her out to as many gun shops as you can so she can explore her options. I wish I had a girl to go gun shopping for/with....... I'm jealous... meh!

    2013-04-27203645_zps573688d2.jpg lol
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  10. IXFE

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    I ended up buying her the Stainless Pro Carry II (aluminum), and she LOVES it.

    I also threw in a Remington 870 Express Synthetic 7-Round


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