New Glock 17 Talo w/FailZero EXO slide (Pics)

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by stmcelroy, Nov 19, 2010.

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    Stopped by Brightwater Ventures today and saw a Glock 17 with what looked like a hard chrome slide.

    I've owned a couple of Glock 17L's for the last 2 years and started to realize they just didn't point right for me so figured that this 17 would be the same, but had to hold it anyways.

    Well I guess the longer slide was the problem because this 17 just felt right, and it looked neat to.

    Got it home a little bit ago and have added Ameriglo Pro-Operator sights to it, think it will make a great addition to my CCW/Home Defense rotation(21SF, 19Gen4, 19, 23, 17L & 26 plus others).

    Found out the slide is finished with FailZero EXO which is supposed to be 40% harder than hard chrome and self lubricating. Not a bad addition for $30, plus I've always wanted a black and silver Glock.

    ETA: This is a series of guns done by Glock/Talo - Lipsey's that will include 17's, 19's, 26's, 22's, 23's and 27's.




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