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    Hello all,

    I'm 25, from Washougal and after a lot of time spent away from firearms I am looking to get back into them.

    Did my growing up in Cortez, CO and have done shooting since as young as around 8. I did my first hunting with a 270 and later had my grandfather's 30-06 passed down to me. It was my weapon of choice for elk hunting. In moving here some 10 years ago that one was damaged though and my father decided to sell it. I still wish we had it, it was a beautiful gun. The 270 is too, but not as powerful for bringing down an elk.

    My father also used to reload, but has sold off all his equipment. I'm hoping to be starting up my own reloading setup come tax time.

    I'm currently an Engineering Student at Clark College. I also serve as the Engineering Club President and participate in my local Relay for Life as Logistics Chair. I don't have a lot of time during the week, but the weekends are when I hope to have my entertainment.

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