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I have been around the gun boards for almost a decade now. My first was Gunbroker Forums which is still the main board I call home.

Been doing some looking around for a more local site and came by this one. The first few times I looked though seemed like mostly OR folks here so I passed it by. I have looked at it a few times since. To day I felt I had something to contribute to a thread so I signed up to add another for WA ;)

I like shooting. I have my own 300 yard range in my back yard. A few toys including NFA stuff. I like hobby gunsmithing and learning all I can. I am pretty well up on most Federal and WA law so I will contribute a lot there.

I live in the NE corner of the state but work in Yakima so you will see me both places.
Thanks guys.

Here is a pic of the range,

Of course we hunt around here :s0155:

My 200 acres is bordered by a couple thousand of a neighbor and that is up against State and Boise Cascade land.
wow! That must be awsome to be able to hunt you own property!

One of the many reasons I drive half way across the state for work. I used to get made fun of quite a bit. A few of the teasers have been to my place now and they are the first to pipe up now with "I want to live there too" when an new person asks why I live so far away :s0155:

Not trying to rub it in but here a pic looking back down over part of the property. The fog in the background is the Columbia River,

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