New EveryTown ad gets creamed!

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by tiggers97, Jul 29, 2014.

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    So Everytown (A wholly owned subsidiary of the "get Bloomberg a fast pass into heaven" corp.) released a new video. The point of the video (as are all their points) is to try and strike fear into women to get them to act. Unfortunately, this video may end up doing the exact opposite by proving the pro-2nd amendment argument!

    I won't link the youtube video directly (no use in giving them free views) but you can watch it here along with the reaction of the liberal panel on "The View". I think you will enjoy the surprise in this one :)
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    I have certainly seen bigger liberal panels on "the view". But this panel is right. Why should that woman in that video have to scream and yell at her ex over and over. Lots of good a restraining order did for her. If she was armed: Yell once 'get out of my house or I will shoot you' then he takes another step forward 'bang'. Her life is saved and her son is not kidnapped.

    The ex is obviously breaking one law, if guns were completely banned, why not break two.

    I cannot believe this is an anti-gun advertisement. So many things that are the pro 2-A direction here. The 911 operator asked her if she had a restraining order. She says "yes". She still gets killed.

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    Wow, even as bad as that ad was (practically a pro gun PSA!), biased brainwashed Lara Spencer couldn't even entertain the Idea that that woman sure could use a gun. What a crack journalist she is!

    In fact take his gun out of the ad and the woman STILL needed her own gun. He could have broke her neck or bludgeoned her or stabbed her or choked her or.......

    These people are so fearful of the gun, by years of careful mind control they can't even see how this ad makes any clear thinking woman want to go and buy one right away!

    This ad scares the hell out of me for that reason alone. How many clear thinking women and men are left in this Country?
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    Bloombergs got nothin' on George Soros..... Take 5 mins on google to see what that S.O.B. has his fingers in...
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    So that was a tremendously great fluff job (good job!) but what?.. for those that don't want to click on that fluffed. in other words.. nevermind

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